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Project print communication and dissemination material released

05.12.2022 | News

Communication and exploitation lie at the core of the IAM COMPACT project, in the form of its policy response mechanism and co-creative work structure, seeking to engage with stakeholders to guide policy-relevant research questions and evaluate outcomes. Going beyond stakeholders active in the project processes, a comprehensive communication, dissemination, and exploitation (CDE) plan is developed and followed, aiming to reach an even broader audience.

A clear and distinctive visual identity is the starting point of any activity aiming to communicate the project, disseminate its results, and maximise the exploitation of its findings.

This includes a flyer (link) to create visibility for partner countries, in both English and in sixteen languages of the consortium; a leaflet on the project objectives, methods, and expected results (link), again in English and all languages of the consortium; a poster to use as promotional material in physical/online events organised by the consortium or by relevant organisations (link); a targeted roll-up banner for policy events (link); as well as a presentation with basic information on the project, as template to be regularly updated and adapted to the right audience (link).