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Policy publication: Stakeholder inclusion in climate & energy policy modelling

25.11.2022 | News

The IAM COMPACT project issued its first policy publication, aiming to provide stakeholders with an overview of the envisaged modelling process of the IAM COMPACT project and explain the stakeholder engagement strategy that will form a core part of this process. The strategy revolves around a policy response mechanism to facilitate constructive dialogue and knowledge sharing between stakeholders and scientists with the aim of generating policy-relevant insights.

There have been steps in acknowledging the value of stakeholder input in climate policymaking, such as in the Talanoa dialogue established through the UNFCCC. The importance of stakeholder engagement is also firmly established in climate and energy research, but there continues to be insufficient inclusion of non-scientists in modelling practice. Novel topics and broader scenarios have been better included in climate-economy modelling recently, but direct involvement of stakeholders throughout the modelling process is still lacking.

In this direction, IAM COMPACT will soon establish its policy response mechanism, towards directly involving stakeholders in the modelling process. This approach aims to co-create policy-relevant modelling by connecting stakeholders and modellers, matching policy questions to suitable models, to collaboratively refine scenario assumptions, and to enhance mutual learning throughout the modelling process. This policy publication outlines this mechanism and provides non-scientist readers with a broad understanding of the capabilities of models to address policy questions. It discusses the modelling process and how it can inform policy needs, before outlining the policy response mechanism, setting out the process step-by-step. Finally, two instructive examples of the policy response mechanism are provided, while a broad overview of all IAM COMPACT modelling tools is presented in the publication’s annex.

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